Using Microsoft OneNote In The Classroom

Updated: May 26

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Microsoft OneNote is a tool enabling content material creation and administration within schools and use by both staff and students in the classroom. The tool uses regular Microsoft office authoring tools and enables students and teachers to attach a variety of different resources and different content from the web. Microsoft OneNote can be downloaded and there are so many tutorials on how to use the software package, where you are able to learn the intricacies of the software and master aspects of it in no time.

OneNote is a flexible tool enabling teachers to actualise and arrange content material, from assignments, lessons, worksheets, there are a number of ways OneNote can be set up for use in the classroom. OneNote also allows for students to interact with teachers’ classes and to submit assignments.

Teachers and students can download OneNote through their school’s network onto their devices, depending on permissions, or on their personal device from the OneNote web page. Once downloaded, it can be customised so that you are able to create “notebooks” and individual pages in the notebooks. teachers are able to create links for their students and different teachers are able to email or send resources to specific recipients or to students in the specific class via the class notebooks.

To actualize and comprehensive assignments, college students and academics employ OneNote’s authoring elements. The teacher can grade tasks completed and assignments at once in OneNote through the class notebook.

The collaboration space in Microsoft OneNote makes it possible for teachers & students to collaborate together on the same document in real-time. Class Notebooks are an important aspect of OneNote, which every student has access to, the class teacher has the ability to add/amend/remove resources and give feedback to students too

OneNote can also be used on practically any advice; the software can also be accessed by the use of browser and downloaded to IOS, Android, or windows devices, OneNote may also be downloaded and used for free of charge from the OneNote website. In the last few years, there has been a vast increase in the use of Microsoft OneNote, and I am sure it the use of it will grow as many schools/colleges/universities see the merit of using the dynamic tool to aid education.

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